The main types of sports betting

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Most free forecasts spreading over the Internet are connected with outcomes. Outcomes should be understood as a victory or a draw of teams. In the lines of bookmakers, the result is indicated: W1, X, W2. But there are other types of bets in online betting.


What is betting on total? For each sport, the total is used, which is the total number of goals scored, etc. Total is the most common type of bet, which is popular among professional bettors, especially when it comes to odds, since it is possible to independently choose a coefficient. For fans of high odds, bookmakers set a standard total for each individual event. If there is a need to play it safe, then there is the possibility that a smaller total will drop in.


What is handicap in bets? For bettors, the handicap is a great way to insure yourself with confidence that the outsider will be able to put up worthy resistance to a strong opponent or increase the coefficient without risk with a confident victory for a particular team. Let’s take a look at one example.

Bettor is confident that a clear outsider on paper will be able to provide decent resistance in the match. For example, in the German Championship, the German top team Munich Bavaria came to visit the Mönchengladbach Borussia. The bookmaker has identified an obvious favorite in the face of the guest of Bavaria. However, given the statistics of face-to-face meetings, the hosts are the worst team to meet, since it is rare for Bayern to take away the treasured three points. Of course, in this case, professional bettors flirt with a positive head start, which allows you to get a win in the event of a tie. Even with the minimum victory of Bayern, a plus handicap of 1.5 will be winning and will replenish the bank. Therefore, in the case of an unobvious preponderance of quotes, it is more advisable to play on the side of the obvious outsider.

There are also zero odds. Handicap 0 in bets what does this mean? Such odds are the “stepbrothers” of a double outcome. A double outcome will bring a guaranteed profit if you win or draw. But with zero handicap there will be a win, in case of victory of a particular club. Or refund in case of a tie.

Accurate score

The most risky kind to which only a few resort in modern betting. From the name it’s easy enough to understand that the matter is about the exact score. This type is very popular among players betting on tennis or volleyball. Since in these sports it is easier to predict the possible exact score than in hockey or football.

Of course, the odds on the exact score in football are quite high. However, over a long distance it will not bring much success. If a player can guess 2-3 matches from 10 events, then with 100 events it is quite difficult to predict a victory or an exact score in 20-30 events. Most bettors use the fan strategy, which allows them to predict the exact score with maximum accuracy. Also, many formulas were invented, but modern football is unpredictable enough to accurately predict the final score in the match.

Both will score

Most bettors decide to bet specifically on “both will score” at a meeting of two productive teams that have excellent attacking potential, but weak defense. It is not difficult to guess that for the “entry” of the bet it is important that the teams hit each other’s gates. The coefficient for “both will score” is constantly in the area of ​​the deuce. Therefore, if there is a desire to take risks, then you can safely flirt “both will score”. In case of unforeseen circumstances in the match, like the removal or an obvious advantage of one team, it is more advisable to put the total for a similar coefficient.

It often happens that when two teams meet with a strong attack and weak defense, one team defeats an opponent. At the same time, their own gates remain intact.