Blackjack Switch – rules how to play

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Blackjack Switch is a card game that is a kind of blackjack and, unlike its prototype, allows you to openly cheat the player. It usually manifests itself in the change of cards from one hand to another. At the very beginning of the game two equal bets are made, and the second card can move freely between the player’s hands. Besides, provided that the results of the game at the dealer is 22 points, it is not considered a defeat and in Blackjack is considered a standard victory. Currently there are many different types of blackjack online, which is determined by the location of the casino. 

The rules and features of the card game Blackjack Switch

Now we have to figure out how to play Blackjack Switch. For the game use 6-8 standard deck of cards, each of which is fifty-two cards, jokers are cleaned. Sometimes they take them out of the shuzah, and after the handouts are sent to the eliminator before the cut card. But more often than not all cards are used in all rounds, but the eliminator may also display other cards. The main purpose of this game is to defeat the dealer, for which you need to collect more points, not exceeding the number 21. One of the features of blackjack switch game is that players always make equal bets on two boxes, which they have the right to change places. The exchange is made only on the second cards, which give up the leader. This option is available to players for free.

The basic rules of the game of Blackjack Switch:

  • The croupier finishes a set of cards when he reaches seventeen “hard” points, but continues to score with seventeen “soft” points.
  • If the dealer gains twenty-one points, the result of the game is a draw (usually called a Push).
  • On any two cards the players are allowed to make a double.
  • There is also split and insurance in the game.
  • If a player wins on ordinary cards, then the winnings are paid, as on Blackjack, 1 to 1.
  • Players may be offered a surrender.
  • The player has the option of doubling any two cards.
  • The cards are distributed with the shirt down.
  • The player must make two equal bets before the game starts.
  • The dealer is able to check closed cards provided that the open card has 10 points or is an ace. If only one dealer has blackjack, then bets made by other players automatically lose.
  • If a player has collected Blackjack after a card exchange, it will count as 21 points.
  • Doubling after a split is possible.
  • The player is given an opportunity to resplit up to 4 hands.
  • The dealer with 22 points can be beaten with Blackjack of any other player with the same result, but he can beat players with 21 and less points.
  • Blackjack is paid to the player as a normal victory.

At the online casino, players are paid at a bonus rate. Their accrual depends on the different combinations in the first four cards received by the player for the boxes. Winning in such cases is calculated as follows:

  • When a pair of cards is lost, it is calculated as 1 to 1;
  • When three cards of the same type are dealt, then 5 to 1;
  • If a player gets two pairs of cards, then his winnings are 8 to 1;
  • If four cards are the same, the winnings are 40 to 1.

Blackjack Switch Order

A player makes two equal bets on boxes. He can also use a special bonus bet. The dealer hands the cards to himself and the other players, and they in turn decide whether to change the cards between the boxes. After the players have completed the set on the boxes, the dealer compares the cards in his hands with the cards of his opponents. After that he distributes the tokens – he takes the cards on the losing boxes and pays for the winning ones. This is followed by a new round where the order of actions is repeated. You can play blackjack here